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Most popular natural cleaning & care

Natural Gel Hand Soap

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Natural Dish Soap

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Natural Body Wash

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Natural Stain Remover

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Natural Laundry Detergent

from $11.99

Natural Multi-Surface Cleaner

from $6.99

Disinfecting Surface Cleaner

from $7.99

Developed by doctors, trusted by families.

From the beginning, we wanted to craft the most natural, safe, and effective cleaning & care items possible. That’s why we partnered with chemists, doctors, and experts to find solutions that are gentle on your family & surfaces, tough on dirt & grime, and safe for those with allergies and the most sensitive of skin.

Highly rated by millions.

We've earned our clean reputation over many years and millions of families served. For over six years, we've been humbled by tens of thousands of glowing reviews, plus hundreds of awards.

Highly reviewed
8+ million sold
#1 on Amazon
Highly awarded

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Cleaners don’t have to be harsh to work. Turns out, nature’s full of ingredients that are both gentle on you & amazingly powerful on gunk — even more effective than harsh chemical alternatives. No more choosing between safety & efficacy.

Himalayan pink sea salt
Himalayan pink sea salt
Sustainable coconuts
Sustainable coconuts
Pure olive oil
Pure olive oil
Essential oils
Essential oils

We're doing our small part

Our impact to the environment is a work in progress making strides. Through a big emphasis on refill pouches, biodegradable formulas, reusable glass bottles, and paying to offset the carbon of every order we ship, we're starting a long journey towards an even gentler footprint on the planet.


tons of water saved


tons of CO2 emissions saved


bottles prevented from entering environment


tons of CO2 offset per month


hectares of forest protected


shipping carbon footprint

Short logistics chain
Shipping CO2 is offset
Made in the USA

In business to help families & communities.

We're driven by a purpose to help all families be healthier, fight societal injustice, and be empowered with opportunity. For every sud we sell, a portion of the proceeds are donated to charities that work nation-wide to help a diverse range of families in need.

In business to help families & communities.

Doing good for goodness' sake.

With refillable bottles, plant-based ingredients, & much more, we’ve been able to sustain an environmental and community footprint that’s as gentle as our products.

Saved over 300 tons of plastic
Donated over $1M to charity
Cleaned over 800 million hands
Over 70 "Best of" awards

Never any Bad Stuff. (BS)

We don't cut corners, use overpowering fragrances, or use dyes. You’ll never find the following in any Puracy product: sulfates (e.g. SLS, SLES, SCS), caustics, phosphates, phthalates, animal byproducts, dyes, chlorine, allergens, optical brighteners, perfumes, chlorine, ammonia, formaldehyde, bleach, and more.

Never any Bad Stuff. (BS)

Seven years of glowing awards & reviews. Trusted by millions.

Over 25,000 5-star reviews
Over 8 million sold
#1 best seller on Amazon
Ravely reviewed by these fine folks
New York Times
Business Insider
New York Magazine
Martha Stewart
Huffington Post
Seattle Times
Big Bang Theory
The Telegraph

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