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Natural ingredients

We thrive on creating safe, naturally-derived cleaning products that are even more effective than the cheap petrochemical-based approach**. No dyes that turn the product a “fun” neon color, no need to mask chemical agents with fragrances just as unnatural, and no worries about using it around the house.

This goal of doing right by our homes, bodies, community, and planet is our whole ethos: Never tested on animals, ethically-sourced plant-based ingredients, natural scents from essential oils, recyclable bottles, dye-free, never any bad stuff, and committed to giving to charity.

Naturally, with Puracy, what you see is what you get. We believe in everyone making the best choices for their own lives, and we want everyone to be as informed as we were when working with PhDs to create what we feel are the best possible care products on Earth.

Meet our naturally-derived ingredients.

We go to extraordinary lengths to combine only the most well-researched, most natural, and most effective ingredients possible in our products. At every opportunity, these are ethically sourced, carefully purified, and fully-tested to be exactly what we say they are.

There’s no shortcuts, fillers, or secret agents in our products. Here’s a list of exactly what’s on our labels and in our products, and an explanation of what they are, with their scientific names.

Ingredient Purpose
More information on these and other ingredients can be found on OEHHA's website.