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Puracy formulas are at least 99.3% natural.

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You don't have to choose between performance and natural ingredients.

High-performance products

Our expert-made formulas are specifically engineered to do more with less.

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We take sustainability seriously, from our biodegradable formulas to BPA-free refill pouches to carbon-neutral shipping.

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Certified Cruelty-Free

Puracy is certified cruelty-free. We’ve never tested on animals and we never will.

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Plant-Powered Formulas

From enzyme cleaners to coconut cleansers, our 99.3+% natural formulas harness the power of plants, water, and minerals.

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No "Bad Stuff"

Our child- and pet-safe products are formulated without sulfates, caustics, parabens, phthalates, synthetics fragrances, & more.

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You care about the ingredients, we do too

Cleaners don’t have to be harsh to work. Turns out, nature’s full of ingredients that are both gentle on you & amazingly powerful on gunk — even more effective than harsh chemical alternatives. No more choosing between safety & efficacy.

Himalayan pink sea salt
Sustainable coconuts
Pure olive oil
Essential oils

Seven years of glowing awards and reviews. Trusted by millions.

25,000+ five-star reviews
Over 8 million bottles sold
#1 best-seller on Amazon

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We care about the planet


tons of Co2 emissions saved


bottles prevented from entering environment


tons of Co2 offset per month


hectares of forest protected

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High-Performing Products

Our expert-made formulas are specifically engineered to do more with less.

Industry-leading laundry detergent
We’re proud to produce the most concentrated laundry detergent on the market: A single 24oz bottle tackles 96 loads of laundry. That means fewer orders and more clean clothes.

World’s first six-enzyme stain remover
Our Natural Stain Remover harnesses the power of 6 plant-based enzymes to obliterate 1000s of stains and odors. Our closest competitor uses 2, which only targets a smaller range of smudges, spots, and smells.


We take sustainably seriously.

Biodegradable formulas & BPA-free refill pouches
Puracy opts for biodegradable and renewable formulas, highly-recyclable bottles, and refill pouches that save more than 90% in plastic, water, & energy (compared to bottles).

Carbon-neutral shipping
Our carbon-neutral shipping also helps to reforest biodiverse ecosystems. We’re at 1.4M+ hectares of protected forest and counting!


We've never tested on animals & we never will.
  • Nearly all of our products are used by humans which is why we test them on humans and surfaces – not animals. At Puracy, we like to say that we’re our own guinea pigs.
  • We work closely with manufacturing partners to ensure that every vegan ingredient is high-quality and ethically produced.

Plant-Powered Formulas

Plant-based and biodegradable ingredients are just as effective as synthetic ones.

That’s why we work with:
  • Silicone alternatives (like LexFeel N5)
  • Coconut surfactants (instead of sulfates)
  • Natural essential oils (rather than artificial fragrances).
Our product lines also use a minimum of 99.3% natural ingredients – and we’re proud that many of our bestsellers are 99.96% natural.

No Bad Stuff

Child- and pet-safe products
Questionable ingredients have no place in your home. That’s why we refuse to use harsh cleansers, caustics, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, and much more.

To ensure the gentlest yet most effective solutions, Puracy develops each formula with PhD chemists, cleaning experts, physicians, and dermatologists.

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