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how to clean your house from top to bottom
Cleaning Tips
Cleaning 101: How to Clean a House from Top to Bottom

With our natural cleaning guides, discover how to clean every room and surface in your home – and why Puracy cleaning products help get the job done!

7 hidden germs thriving spots at home
The Dirtiest Places in Your Home (& How to Clean Them)

There's never been a more important time to kill house hold bacteria. Discover the dirtiest places in your home – and which natural germ killers to use!

how to clean baby toys
Baby Care
Cleaning 101: How to Clean Baby Toys Naturally

Should you wash baby toys before use? How do you disinfect baby toys naturally? These are the simplest, best ways to clean baby toys naturally.

benefits of natural cleaning products
7 Amazing Benefits of Natural Cleaning Products

Why use natural cleaning products? Well, from environmental to health issues, these 7 reasons outline the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning products.

what is sls
Is SLS Bad? Your Guide to Sulfates

Is sodium lauryl safe? Is SLS bad for the environment? Learn more about this common ingredient in cleaning and personal care products.

Simmondsia Chinensis
Simmondsia Chinensis

What is simmondsia chinensis seed oil? Discover how jojoba oil is made, its benefits for skin & hair, and why this ingredient is used in Puracy products.

Cleaning Tips

weekly cleaning schedule
The Ultimate Weekly Cleaning Schedule

From bathrooms to kitchens, this comprehensive house cleaning schedule covers all your bases (and comes with a printable cleaning calendar).

bathroom essentials
Bathroom Essentials Checklist

What do you need in a bathroom? Glad you asked! Our printable bathroom supplies list ensures you don't miss any of these essentials.

how to brighten white clothes
How to Whiten White Clothes Without Bleach

Can you use hydrogen peroxide or vinegar to whiten clothes? With these natural laundry whiteners, discover how to brighten white clothes!

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gentle natural eczema
Home Remedies for Sensitive & Eczema-Prone Skin

Looking for gentle, natural eczema relief? Our dermatologist-recommended remedies for sensitive skin help soothe and treat issues at the source.

how to use body wash
How to Use Body Wash

How much body wash should you use? Can I use body wash as bubble bath? It turns out there’s actually a right way to use shower gel!

active ingredients of laundry detergent
How Laundry Detergent Drains Natural Resources and Your Money

Discover how liquid laundry detergent companies waste natural resources (and your money) with watered-down formulas, excessive plastic use, and more.

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Baby Care

Why Non Toxic Toys Are Important for Your Child’s Development
Why Non Toxic Toys Are Important for Your Child’s Development

Babies & toddlers put everything in their mouths. Discover why non toxic baby toys are surprisingly important for their health and development.

ingredients to avoid in baby products
Potentially Harmful Chemicals in Baby Products

Are the chemicals in baby products always safe? Discover 12 ingredients to avoid – and how to replace them with safe, plant-based alternatives.

potty training questions
Potty Training Your Toddler with Brandi Brooks

Why is my toddler resisting potty training? Do I use potty timers? We reached out to childcare expert Brandi Brucks for your potty training questions!

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how to reduce plastic waste at home
18 Simple Tips: How to Reduce Plastic Use

It may be hard to avoid, but reducing plastic waste at home helps keep it out of landfills and waterways. Discover 18 simple ways to reduce plastic use!

productive solutions working from home
Working from Home: 15 Proactive Solutions for Improving Your Productivity

Recently shifted to working from distance? With our comprehensive WFH guide, you’ll find helpful tips on increasing productivity & improving your health.

Why You Should Be Using Pet-Friendly Cleaning Products
Why You Should Be Using Pet-Friendly Cleaning Products

Looking for truly pet-safe cleaning products? Puracy’s plant-based formulas and rigorous testing means the best cleaning products for all of your animals.

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Dimethicone: What Is It?

You may have spotted dimethicone in hair products or body lotion. Discover what dimethicone is used for – and why Puracy will never use it.

Puracy pet shampoo
How We Created Puracy Pet Shampoo

Pet shampoo formulations shouldn't include sulfates, perfumes, or formaldehyde. Discover more about Puracy Pet Shampoo's 99.7% natural, cruelty-free formula.

puracy microfiber towel
36 Amazing Microfiber Towel Uses

From burp cloths to pee pads to removing makeup, discover why microfiber towels are the most versatile cleaning tools in our caddy (and beyond)!

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butyrospermum parkii
Butyrospermum Parkii

What is butyrospermum parkii? Are shea butter allergies common? Learn why Puracy uses this ingredient in our skin & hair products!

cocamidopropyl betaine
Cocamidopropyl Betaine

What is cocamidopropyl betaine made from? Discover this coconut-based ingredient & how cocamidopropyl betaine is used in Puracy products.

how to make peppermint oil
Peppermint Essential Oil

Wondering what Mentha piperita oil is? We walk you through how peppermint oil is made – and how we use it in Puracy products.

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